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Power of fantasy >> Book Reviews jkennedy
by Jack L. Kennedy Close your eyes. Fantasize. Try fantasy for fall. No one stretches and adorns that literary genre better than Jim Webster, pictured, who in two new paperback novel ...more

Life's history or God's vision? >> Book Reviews jkennedy
by Jack L. Kennedy People, not preaching, promises or pessimism, form the rapidly beating, reassuring heart of Gospel Memories -- The Future Can Rewrite Our Past, a book deceptively larger than ...more

Foodie/critic writes first culinary thriller >> Book Reviews jkennedy
by Jack L. Kennedy Mark Spivak, author of Friend of the Devil (Black Opal Books) instantly proves to hungry skeptics that it Is possible for a journalist to cook, eat, drink fine wine and write ...more

Stopping just one more "hit" >> Book Reviews jkennedy
by Jack L. Kennedy-- Warfare uses many weapons, and internal battles are the most difficult. That is the major lesson perhaps in The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit are REAL by longtime ...more

How Stark Bros. changed its business model >> Book Reviews jkennedy

Reading the Sweet Oak >> Book Reviews mariwinn
FACINATION WITH A RIVER Recommending a particular book specifically for holiday gift-giving could be a limiting idea given that every day is a good excuse for buying a book. For any excuse and ...more

Master vs. dog: Who really wins? >> Book Reviews jkennedy
by Jack L. Kennedy Anyone who likes dogs, colorful characters and good writing will read A Dog’s Choice by Allan Meyer. (Arizona Vintage Investments) The book is the perfect prescription for ...more

Ghost author probes the unconscious mind >> Book Reviews jkennedy
by Jack L. Kennedy Life can be a dream, or a nightmare, a varied and vivid cast tells readers in Lucid—Othernaturals Book Two self published by author Christina Harlin, pictured at left. ...more

Battling cynicism with faith >> Book Reviews jkennedy
by Jack L. Kennedy Good real estate is often difficult to find today. The most elusive, debatable plot, perhaps, is “common ground,” Rachel Held Evans says, forcefully, faithfully and from ...more

Romantic novelist Inglath Cooper woos fans >> Book Reviews jkennedy
by Jack L. Kennedy Working together builds individual strengths, but life is not always harmonious, even for rising music groups. If you like country music, romance and “soap operas,” you ...more

Growing older, living well >> Book Reviews jkennedy
by Jack L. Kennedy Magnetic books have many faces. From Working to Wisdom by Brendan Hare (Jappa Flats Publishing) is like a mirror, reflecting the march of time. Its sub-title, "The ...more

What happened to Jody Bucklin? >> Book Reviews jkennedy
by Jack L. Kennedy History blends with mystery, nostalgia with charm in Craig Ewald’s historical novel, Only Jody Knows”. (Author House) Anyone with a broad appetite for good writing, ...more

Surviving the RAGBRAI >> Book Reviews teverow
Brian David Bruns thought riding into the mist during the nearly 500-mile bike ride across Iowa "was cooling." Everyone else, he writes, thought it was like "riding into a steam bath." by Paul ...more

Exploring St. Louis and the Ozarks in pictures >> Book Reviews mariwinn
Gift-giving can be a frustrating experience: What to get that person who has everything. Two books have crossed our desk that solve gift-giving for someone who also enjoys art books. "Days of ...more

Author pens new poem for Christmas >> Book Reviews mariwinn
Molly McAme with her pet mouse, Nibbles, confronts Santa on Christmas Eve. Is there a child, preferably a little girl, whom you would like to become excited over the reading of books? Well, 'tis ...more

Author gains fame as military biographer >> Book Reviews jkennedy
by Jack L. Kennedy Four words the reader might not readily associate with military subjects perhaps best describe both Hal Moore, A Soldier Once and Always and its young, widely recognized author, ...more

Pope Benedict XVI's beliefs examined >> Book Reviews jkennedy
by Jack L. Kennedy Books can capture both the heart and the head, and often do both. Mind, body and soul are all elements in a concise, caring, literate and loving approach to several ...more

Pet advice made easy >> Book Reviews jkennedy
by Jack L. Kennedy Finding reliable and readable advice in print is not always easy. Sometimes, alleged experts offer their vast or half-(v)ast knowledge in very authoritarian ways, as ...more

Defining the modern day church >> Book Reviews jkennedy
by Jack L. Kennedy In a sense, Colin Brown has written an at times unconventional “travel book.” His feelings are evident early in Outside the Camp, subtitled "The wisdom, humility and ...more

Debunking animal myths >> Book Reviews jkennedy
by Jack L. Kennedy Some alleged experts often are “barking up the wrong tree” when they give advice about pets. There are many misconceptions (a.k.a. old wives tales but why not credit ...more

lily--a true hero of the Joplin tornado >> Book Reviews mariwinn
Many stories have been written about the ferocious tornado that cut through the center of our town, Joplin, Missouri on May 22, 2011, but they were written mainly for an adult readership. Carolyn E. ...more

Escape to a galaxy far, far away >> Book Reviews jkennedy
by Jack L. Kennedy-- Do you ever feel worlds apart from someone? Or do you suspect those around you are from another planet at times? Even those readers who may see science fiction as galaxies ...more

Battling Lyme disease after a late diagnosis >> Book Reviews jkennedy
by Jack L. Kennedy Books, like the authors who pen them, can have both good and bad moments. This is certainly true of A Twist of Lyme, by Andrea H. Caesar and edited by Nancy Grossman ...more

Grab a life vest for a journey of a lifetime >> Book Reviews jkennedy
The Northwest Passage is a sea route through the Arctic Ocean, along the northern coast of North America via waterways amidst the ice-ridden Canadian Arctic Archipelago, connecting the Atlantic and ...more

Prosecution of incest is subject of gripping novel >> Book Reviews mariwinn
by Mari Winn Taylor "You know what they say about the Bootheel?" Elsie Arnold asks her police detective friend Bob Ashlock in a scene revealing the possible location of one of the abused ...more

Need ideas for improving education? >> Book Reviews jkennedy
by Jack L. Kennedy If good books are a banquet, The Foxes of Caminus by Laura Burroughs (Burroughs Books) has something for all tastes and ages—with a dash of surprise and spice. There are enough ...more

Books for lovers of detective stories >> Book Reviews jkennedy
by Jack L. Kennedy You cannot judge a judge by his cover. That is one of the themes of The Judge’s Wife is Missing by the late Dale German (Abbott Press, division of Writer’s Digest.) It is ...more

Thriller keeps reader at edge of his seat >> Book Reviews sbranch
by Susan Branch For a thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat, you can't do much better than Ripples in Opperman's Pond by Douglas P. Zipes. You'll keep turning pages as the ...more

Churches: Beyond brick and stone >> Book Reviews jkennedy
by Jack L. Kennedy The most lasting structures are preserved by the memories of people, built of bricks and stones but mortared together by faith. That may be the major message of the small ...more

Learn the art of raising horses >> Book Reviews jkennedy
by Jack L. Kennedy-- Faith and relationships build upon each other. Joe Camp, a St. Louis native, is the father of several successful movies about Benji, the loveable little canine. Camp ...more

Mish-mash media >> Book Reviews mariwinn
You may be too prissy to follow the suggestions offered in the travel book, Naughty Girl's Guide to Los Angeles by Sienna Sinclaire (Naughty Girl Press, 2012). Although the Ozarks are a long ...more

Everyone loves a tale of the rich and famous >> Book Reviews jkennedy
The Nation of Brunei, with a population nearing a half million in 2012 and extensive petroleuum and natural gas fields--Forbes ranks it as the fifth richest nation out of 182 with such resources--is ...more

Spy vs. spy is a page turner >> Book Reviews sbranch
by Susan Branch Spycraft and insider medical knowledge combine to give the reader of this thriller something special. In the book Osprey (EXLIBRIS, 2012) Peter Williamson has dedicated his ...more

Hattie Kauffman surmounts a difficult life >> Book Reviews jkennedy
by Jack L. Kennedy Sometimes, a few words can describe modest but powerful books. Falling Into Place by Hattie Kauffman, pictured, (Baker Books) is such a volume. Yes, she is an Emmy ...more

Creating a fantasy; Gardham's inaugural attempt >> Book Reviews jkennedy
by Jack Kennedy The premise of The Actor by Douglas Gardham (iUniverse Inc.) starts out promising. The Canadian’s first novel has intriguing autobiographical elements. We are told that ...more

Surviving family dysfunction >> Book Reviews jkennedy
by Jack Kennedy Life has been a complex, emotional, paradox for Denver newsman/editor M.J. Burke Sr. Funeral in a Feminine Dress is labeled a memoir. The often physically and emotionally ...more

Reminisces of an orphaned life >> Book Reviews jkennedy
by Jack L. Kennedy Anyone who has ever been a small, confused, but maturing child will be drawn in to Little Joe by Michael E. Glasscock III.(Greenleaf) The initial premise is powerful yet ...more

A spy or not a spy, that is the question >> Book Reviews jkennedy
In December of 1991 the Soviet Union (the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, or U.S.S.R.) was officially dissolved. From it emerged Russia (the Russian Federation) and a number of independent ...more

Book is treat for historical fiction fans >> Book Reviews jkennedy
by Jack L. Kennedy History is basically made by people. Recalling the narrative, we cite big events, headlines, global crises, wars and tragedies. But Widow Walk by Gerard LaSalle ...more

Many faces of blood in Nam >> Book Reviews jkennedy
by Jack L. Kennedy Paul J. Pitlyk fought two wars, simultaneously. One was in Vietnam, as a neurosurgeon in 1965. The other conflict was constantly within himself. The stark tale that ...more

Revolution and the demise of Cuban landownership >> Book Reviews mariwinn
by Mari Winn Taylor HAVANA, 2003 Author Celso Gonzalez-Falla must have felt pleasure in being able to report that one of Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista's more brutal followers, one that took ...more

Meet Uncle Martin's Family >> Book Reviews jkennedy
by Jack L. Kennedy The past always leaves something for the present. We may not realize the value of the legacy until many years have gone by. Uncle Martin’s Family, a Memoir by Joyce ...more

50 and still smiling? >> Book Reviews jkennedy
by Jack L. Kennedy Few people have fond memories of reaching age 50. Jan Atkinson, author of Menopausal Killer Sharks, (iUniverse) has many diverse, often profane, sometimes witty ways ...more

Dave Heeren is more than a statistician >> Book Reviews jkennedy
by Jack L. Kennedy The word “hustler” in sports or other human endeavor usually relates to energy, willingness, and other virtues physical or mental. But in The Sporting Stings (Black ...more






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