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Judging art >> Sound Bites staff
Judging art "There's always been a struggle between art and commerce, and now I'm telling you, art is getting its ass kicked, and it's making us mean, and it's making us bitchy. It's making us cheap ...more

Welcome to Trump County >> Sound Bites staff
Welcome to Trump County, USA "On the last day of my trip [to West Virginia], a man with a beard creeping high up his cheeks and a 30-case of Busch Light in one hand is on his way out of a convenience ...more

Tell it the way it is >> Sound Bites staff
Tell it the way it is "If you ask me I am one week about asking what type of terrorism...and I'd be happy if you prove me wrong." ---Waleed Phares, FOX Midwest analyst on terrorism, discussing San ...more

President Obama's comments at press conference >> Sound Bites staff
President's comments at press conference in Turkey "It's best if we don't shoot first and aim later." ---President Barak Obama's comments regarding why he and his advisors aren't sending troops on ...more

Five Springfield Council members issue statement >> Sound Bites staff
Five Springfield Council members issue statement "As elected officials representing the city, the role of Springfield City Council is to address the pressing needs of our community and be a ...more

Eliminating the estate tax >> Sound Bites staff
Eliminating the estate tax “The death tax disproportionately hurts states like Missouri, which relies heavily on agriculture revenue. This tax is often a crushing blow to family business owners and ...more

Fair and possibly unbalanced >> Sound Bites staff
Fair and possibly unbalanced "Journalism that stimulates debates isn't enough because the powerful do not respond to debates. They respond to an informed people who are able to show them where power ...more

Terror in Parkis--Je suis Charlie >> Sound Bites staff
Terror in Paris--Je suis Charlie "Yesterday’s murders at the magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris were not just an attack on journalism, they were yet another declaration of open warfare on free speech. ...more

On President Obama's Cuba announcement >> Sound Bites staff
On President Obama's Cuba announcement "I oppose this move, and I believe it is a mistake. It's hard--if not impossible--to normalize relations with a Castro-led Cuba. And I don't see anything in the ...more

Stopping Ebola spread >> Sound Bites staff
Stopping Ebola spread “As we were reminded this week with the third confirmed case of Ebola on American soil, we must do everything possible to contain this deadly disease at its source. Implementing ...more

What Isil doesn't ebrace >> Sound Bites staff
What Isil doesn't embrace "Before you speak to me about your religion, first show it to me in how you treat other people. Before you tell me how much you love your God, show me how much you love all ...more

Ferguson, Missouri >> Sound Bites staff
Ferguson, Missouri“I've thought from the start that a parallel federal investigation into the death of Michael Brown is important. I also believe that our state and local elected officials have been ...more

Stressing religion is the Republican response >> Sound Bites staff
Stressing religion is the Republican response "...So, tonight I simply offer a prayer..."---Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) giving the Republican response to Obama's State of the Union ...more

Pot law brings justice and savings >> Sound Bites staff
Pot law brings justice and savings "In Colorado, we see the first state in the nation to implement a truly common-sense approach to marijuana. By legalizing marijuana, Colorado has stopped the ...more

Congressional goals >> Sound Bites staff
Congressional goals"The federal government spends too much and borrows too much. Those must be the two main targets after today’s vote [Oct. 16, 2013] and until we get our spending under control. ...more

Obominable (sic) Care >> Sound Bites elijah
Obominable (sic) Care "Even if the administration manages to fix the Web site and finally implement the individual mandate, people still may not join — because the plans being offered are so ...more

Obamacare, no exceptions >> Sound Bites staff
Obamacare, no exceptions "Congressional Republicans should make certain ALL Americans are included in the funding for Obamacare....therefore Republicans should remove all exemptions, waivers, ...more

Wouldn't you sell the Martin Luther King speech? >> Sound Bites staff
Wouldn't you sell the Martin Luther King speech? "Nope, because I would like to think somewhere out there my mom and dad and my grandma taught me better than that and everything in life you can't ...more

Sound advice >> Sound Bites staff
Sound advice "...good judgement matters. If you don't want to participate, you don't have to....." --Eric Emerson Schmidt, CEO Google speaking to CNN reporter regarding privacy issues online. The ...more






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