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NOW demands resignation of Larry Kay >> Letters to the Editor jtomek
To the editor: Missouri National Organization for Women (NOW) has learned that the executive director of the Missouri Veterans Commission has just resumed his job after a court found that he had ...more

Pragmatic approach to education is the answer >> Letters to the Editor mhavis
To the editor: The "Crisis in Higher-Education" is generally thought of as one of: Not enough kids getting into college College needs to be made more affordable The conventional thinking ...more

McCaskill tries to protect future retirees >> Letters to the Editor staff
To the editor: When promises get made to working Americans and then those promises are broken, people lose confidence in their government. That's exactly what has happened to 32,000 Missourians ...more

Trump supporter speaks >> Letters to the Editor gdevine
To the editor: We the people are fed up with the lies and deceit of the greedy politicians who think more of themselves than the people they represent. They are a group of self-righteous ...more

Blunt's true record on Veterans' issues >> Letters to the Editor staff
To the editor: I have often felt that Roy Blunt has a habit of speaking out of both sides of his mouth. As the Chair of the 7th Congressional District whom Blunt previously represented in US ...more

Comment on abortion >> Letters to the Editor cferrer
To the editor: The Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs has released reports on abortions practiced in our country [Spain]. These have doubled in recent years. 10.62 out of every 1,000 fertile ...more

GMO labeling shouldn't be voluntary >> Letters to the Editor wildblue
To the editor: It was both disconcerting and a point of concern to learn that Rep. Billy Long (MO 7th District) along with several other representatives voted recently against the labeling of food ...more

Senator attempts to gather data on dog treat >> Letters to the Editor staff
To the editor: Dogs are more than just pets--they're family members. That's why when I first learned about a product reportedly harming our four-legged friends, i didn't need to be convinced this ...more

New group formed to fight for states rights >> Letters to the Editor wildblue
To the editor: Now that our 4th of July celebrations proclaiming our Independence from British tyranny are over, our attentions should turn to the tyranny coming from our Federal Government in ...more

Show me the money >> Letters to the Editor rbrendei
To the editor: Houston, we have a problem.” Those historic words uttered by Astronaut Jim Lovell in 1970 following a catastrophic event that disabled the Apollo 13 spacecraft, seemingly stranding ...more

Restitution demanded for cuts to senior programs >> Letters to the Editor mfarnen
To the editor: This week, the Missouri Senate Budget Committee proposed significant cuts to the Departments of Mental Health, Social Services and Health and Senior Services that in total will ...more

GBE agent makes presumptuous comments >> Letters to the Editor reichert
To the editor: We will begin surveying in the spring,” a neighbor was told by a Grain Belt Express (GBE) land agent. GBE land agents continue to give the impression they will receive a Certificate ...more

Indignation over Ferguson riots >> Letters to the Editor ewoolsey
To the editor: The time has come for the good citizens of Missouri to rise up in righteous indignation for the criminal embarrassment that has occurred in Ferguson, Missouri. It is pastime for the ...more

Senate leader speaks about Ferguson healing >> Letters to the Editor lhieger
To the editor: “On November 24, 2014, the St. Louis region learned the results of the grand jury’s investigation into the events surrounding the use of deadly force by a Ferguson police officer. ...more

Debating pension funds and risk >> Letters to the Editor rathbone
To The Editor: The Missouri Retired Teachers Association and Public Schools Personnel (MRTA) recently sent an e-mail to its members warning them about the Show-Me Institute’s request for financial ...more

Terrorist Craig Cobb wants to return to Missouri >> Letters to the Editor staff
Craig Cobb, 62, in late April 2014, was sentenced to four years of probation for terrorizing residents of Leith, North Dakota, where he unsuccessfully tried to establish an all-white enclave. He ...more

Passage of cancer treatment fairness law is urged >> Letters to the Editor ctree
To the editor: Senators Ryan Silvey and Brian Munzlinger and Representative Sheila Solon are sponsors of a bill to ease the financial burden of Missourians with cancer. The senators are working to ...more

Follow the money...Comcast's trail >> Letters to the Editor pbehrsin
To the editor: Comcast Corp., the largest cable company in the U.S., is moving to combine with its chief competitor, Time Warner Inc., the second largest cable company in the U.S. Because the deal ...more

Encourage passage of Medicaid Expansion >> Letters to the Editor scook
To the editor: We are now six weeks into the 2014 legislative session, and there is a lot that needs to happen for Missouri to pass Medicaid Expansion this year. We need to be sure our legislators ...more

Republican support of immigration reform is wanted >> Letters to the Editor bturmail
To the editor: The fact that House Republicans have decided to make immigration reform a top priority for the year is a sign that they appreciate the fact that addressing this issue is crucial to ...more

Missouri needs TIF reform >> Letters to the Editor dstokes
To the editor: As the Missosuri General Assembly convenes for its 2014 session, it is imperative that they include reforming Missouri’s Tax Increment Financing (TIF) laws at the top of the ...more

Abortion: Legislate or educate? >> Letters to the Editor lewcamp
To the editor: Abortion is an issue of paramount importance to many people. When does human life begin? There are differences of opinion on this issue. What do we know? In Roe vs Wade ...more

Tick bite results in stomach problems >> Letters to the Editor berick
To the editor: Some of you may know of this already, but in case you don’t, you should. The Mammalian Meat Allergy (aka Alpha-Gal Allergy) is a recently described tick-borne condition. It is ...more

Chris Christie, a wrong choice for President >> Letters to the Editor jruch
To the editor: Following this month’s elections, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was hailed as the savior of the Republican Party and anointed by several “Beltway bloviators” as the presumptive ...more

Why losing Nixa School Board race was good >> Letters to the Editor jshuls
To the editor: In 2006, I had my first and only foray into a political race. I ran for the Nixa School Board against two incumbents and lost. In hindsight, I’m glad I lost. Had I won, I would’ve ...more

WMD swap game is replayed >> Letters to the Editor donald
To the Editor: Inspectors are reviewing the list of chemical weapons provided by Syria and working on destroying the known chemical stockpiles and equipment. However, American and Middle East ...more

Democrats are piggies around the trough >> Letters to the Editor ewoolsey
To the editor: Recently, someone asked, “We always hear about Social Security running out of money, but why don’t we ever hear about Welfare running out of money?” That is a very good question ...more

Billy Long needs to know the facts >> Letters to the Editor sherryb
to the editor (and readers): If you like the government shutdown, costing us billions of tax dollars per week, read no farther. Representative Billy Long stated in the Springfield News Leader ...more

Stranger pleads for justice for the Russells >> Letters to the Editor dswan
To the editor: Please share and help me get this out to the national media. It is a situation that happened in Joplin to Kevin Russell and his son. I feel this issue should be reported! I live in ...more






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