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Ghost author probes the unconscious mind jkennedy
Updated: 2015-07-04 10:28:51
by Jack L. Kennedy

Life can be a dream, or a nightmare, a varied and vivid cast tells readers in Lucid—Othernaturals Book Two self published by author Christina Harlin, pictured at left. One early trumpeting of the tale says “a main element of the book is the unconscious mind.”

One wonders what the meaning of reality is after exploring a small farm in a scary setting. The emotions and conditions laid bare in Lucid, one of a series of volumes on the paranormal theme, range from fantasy, doubt, trust, trances and curses to what is called “dream sex.” That subject alone should draw readers, who will pursue the topic in hopes of finding a rational, scientific explanation through experimentation or hands-on learning.

Wolves, possessed houses and personal relationships add spice to the tale as the Othernaturals, the crew of a television show dedicated to unearthing and exploring the unusual, bring their tv crew and determination to strange settings.

Author Harlin's experience includes working as a legal secretary and paralegal in law firms in Kansas City. Her current book is set in rural Missouri. It should be noted that in one of her earlier books, My Boss is a Serial Killer she features a legal secretary facing murder, having affairs and several plot twists and things to be wary of. This title as well as several of her previous books may be found as a Kindle edition on

For a list of haunted attractions in Missosuri go here. For more information about the Joplin Paranormal Research Society go here.

A "ghostly experience" may be had by visiting the Phythian Castle on East Pythian Street (off of Glenstone) in Springfield.

In an interview via e-mail, Harlin writes that she is “a sucker for paranormal stories,” further explaining that because she and son Jake are big fans of paranormal investigation shows on tv, the subject and book format grew naturally.

“I needed only to go on a few ghost-hunting expeditions myself to get a real feel for the game, with Jake along as my photographer and as, to be honest, the guy I can hide behind.” Dreaming and redemption became story themes as mother and son have explored and pledge to continue seeking haunted backroads of both mind and country.

As character Stefan tells a questioner as the Othernaturals winds down its work, “Most of what we do can’t be proven. People can always find a logical reason why these things happen. Even the believers don’t always want to believe, when it comes right down to it.”

Those who like suspense, surprise and soap opera will be drawn to the mists and twists of Lucid.

Title: Lucid Othernaturals Book Two
Author: Christina HarlinPublisher: Author (April 28, 2015)
Kindle/471 KB/216 pp./ASIN: B00WTMWOUQ

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