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Israel triumphs with God's blessings mpolka
Updated: 2015-03-27 19:47:05
Romans 11:26 “And in this way all Israel will be saved. As it is written: The Deliverer will come to Zion; He will turn Godlessness away from Jacob.”

On the morning of June 5th, l967, after repeated belligerent aggressions by Egypt, Jordon and Syria, that outnumbered Israeli forces by some estimates, 10 to 1, the “Lion of Judah” roared. Flying only 12’ off the ocean, streams of Israeli jets flew to Egypt, and caught the Egyptian Air Forces by complete surprise, leaving 18-airfields burning and completely decimated. Israel went on to defeat these Arab foes so utterly; it doubled the size of Israel’s territory. This, despite several Arab nations supplying arms and weapons to Israel’s enemies. Israel not only prevailed, but so stunning was their victory; they achieved a miracle that astounded the entire planet.

Why? Because God Himself was with His “Chosen Ones.” Never before in the annals of modern warfare exists a feat of this obvious magnitude, nor will we ever see its equal until the end of the Apocalypse when Jesus Himself defeats the last “vestiges of evil” in the final battle of Armageddon and coming sooner than most think. According to prophesy, “all things will come to pass, from the “the ripening of the fig tree”, (Israel) in 1948, the generation that is alive then, will also witness the end.

Israel has never suffered a major defeat since the gavel banged at the UN, May 14th, 1948, recognizing Israel as a nation. May 15th, l948; Arab-Palestinian forces attacked and were soundly defeated; they called their own assiduous attempt “The Catastrophe!” Israel has turned back the Arab aggressors' attacks every time since.

Many today, still think the so-called “Palestinians” have some claim to the land, despite the Biblical assertion to the contrary. The Hawk Eyea, the Burlington, Iowa newspaper’s own Mike Sweet even called Prime Minister Netanyahu a racist. Since God is in control of His beloved Israel, He will keep at the helm, His choice of leader for His chosen ones. Mr. Sweet thought it might be hunky-dory to get Netanyahu’s opposition candidate elected, as his cherished Obama wanted. (Yeah, you know the fellow who’s sympathetic to the poor Palestinians; the ones who deliberately target busses with women & children, or blast the local McDonalds’ & lob missiles constantly into Israel, despite numerous Israeli concessions.) All can take comfort God is firmly in the control in Israel, despite continued chants of “Death to America & Israel” from all across the Middle East.

Let’s do a little history together, Mr. Sweet; on April 25, 2002, it was finally reported by Dennis Ross, formerly under Clinton, that Israel’s leadership offered Yasser Arafat nearly 97% of what he had asked Israel to hand over. Wait folks, there’s even more: a capitol in east Jerusalem. Of course Arafat flatly rejected the offer.

“Reality Alert!” they don’t want peace, but the annihilation of the entire Jewish people! Clinton tried to negotiate this deal. Does your passion for the Palestinians mean you’re anti-Semitic, Mike? You stated in your column titled “Clearing the air in Israel” (Netanyahu) “has taken off his mask, and shown an ugly face”. Why don’t you open a window in your own office, Mike. The stagnant air might be clouding your thinking. Speaking of “ugly” faces, have you seen a close-up photo of Arafat’s kisser? Ugh!

Commentary by Mike Polka, New London, Iowa

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