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FilmSpiva competition is scheduled >> Miscellaneous klandwer
Spiva Center for the Arts is issuing an invitation to area filmmakers to participate in the seventh annual FilmSpiva 48-Hour Film Competition. Cash prizes will be awarded.

The competition challenges filmmakers to create a three-minute short within a two-day period. Each film must include a line of dialogue, a location and an object with the criteria to be determined by Spiva.

Contestants should plan to meet at 6 p.m. on Thursday, May 5, 2016, at Spiva, Third and Wall in Joplin, to receive this year’s guidelines. Those who cannot attend may check Spiva’s Facebook page after 8 p.m. that day to find out what they are. The completed digital films must be ...more

Bull Mills outing combines nature with history >> Environment mariwinn

Calling attention to a section of the trunk of a downed tree, retired Ferrell- Duncan gastroenterologist and dedicated Master Naturalist Dr. Bob Kipfer explained the process of determining the tree's age by counting the visible growth rings. This particular tree on his property in southern Christian County, he said, dates back to the Civil War.

Organized by the Southwest Chapter of the Missouri Native Plant Society and sponsored by property-owners Barb and Bob Kipfer, the annual Bull Mills Wildflower Walk was held on April 16, 2016. The property----originally consisting of about 85 acres purchased by the ...more

When gene manipulation is warranted >> Health mariwinn

The human spirit or heart can trump bad genes. That's one of the conclusions reached by Paul Durham, Ph.D, pictured, Missouri State University Distinguished Professor of Cell Biology. He spoke at The Moxie in Springfield on April 12, 2016, after a showing of the movie Gattaca.

In Gattaca Ethan Hawke plays the role of a man deemed genetically inferior (an "In-Valid") by authorities. The problem is that in ...more

Artist offers replacement for stolen Warhol prints >> Calendar of Events staff
Springfield Art Museum Director Nick Nelson has described the commercial burglary of seven iconic Andy Warhol Campbell’s Soup Can screenprints as feeling like “the loss of a family member.” ...more

Baker Creek annual event is scheduled >> Calendar of Events staff
The Baker Creek Annual Spring Planting Festival will take place at their Pioneer Village in Mansfield on May 1 & 2, 2016. Hours on both days are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. An event that the whole family ...more

Greene County Commission announces "Team Greene" >> Community ehedlun
The Greene County Commission has announced a new volunteer program known as “Team Greene.” Its purpose is to develop a group of volunteers who will work in the information booths located in the ...more

Learning about Schoolcraft and Pettibone >> Environment mariwinn
Missouri Department of Conservation Outdoors Skills Specialist Brian Flowers shows off a shotgun historically known as a fowling piece that he said was similar to the one Missouri "explorers" Henry ...more

Singer/songwriter contest is announced >> Miscellaneous grambo
The 69th Annual Original Ozark Folk Festival, that will take place from October 13 – 15, 2016, in the Basin Park Band Shell in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, is accepting submissions for the ...more

Galloway audits $8.8 billion in federal funding >> Government gena
JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway on March 30, 2016, issued an audit of the state's management and spending of billions of federal dollars administered by state agencies. The ...more

Circuit clerk's office and court gets new website >> Government ehedlun
The Greene County circuit clerk announced today a completely redesigned web site for the circuit clerk’s Office and Missouri’s 31st Judicial Circuit. The new website features many enhancements, ...more

Know the truth about the Benghazi attack >> Education mariwinn
Fred Burton, a foremost auhority on security and terrorism, answers questions about the Benghazi attack that killed U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. He had completed ...more

Both Sanders and Trump know squat about economics >> Op-Ed erick
by Sheldon Richman On Trade, Sanders and Trump Are Peas in a Rotten Pod. Neither Bernie Sanders, the self-described democratic socialist, nor Donald Trump, the self-described terrific ...more

Ozark Center launches Super Me! >> Health bruffett
The Ozark Center in Joplin launches Super Me!, an app for Apple devices. Super Me! helps children develop resilience and positive coping skills through a series of in-game and out-of-game ...more

Beekeeper class is announced >> Calendar of Events d-burton
University of Missouri's newly developed Certified Master Beekeeper program will debut from 8 a.m. to noon on Saturday, May 7, 2016, at the Southwest Research Center, 14548 Highway H in Mt. ...more

Thousands welcome Bernie Sanders to Springfield >> Government mariwinn
What a wonderful thing it would be if Missouri led this country to the political revolution. That comment was what Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said to encourage those who ...more

Hubby Bill stumps for wife >> Government mariwinn
by Mari Winn Taylor Hello, Mr. President. A crowd, including members of the Greene County Democrats, overflowed the rather modest meeting room of the Teamster's Local No. 245 on East Division ...more

Safety issues close footbridge >> Community staff
During a recent weekly inspection of the Jefferson Avenue Footbridge, pictured, the Springfield Public Works Department noticed corrosion and steel loss in the north support column of the ...more

Main Avenue street closure is announced >> Community staff
Main Avenue between College and Water streets in Springfield will be closed beginning 6 a.m. Monday, Feb. 29, 2016, for construction work associated with the Main Avenue Streetscape project. This ...more

Selling items online? Consider SPD's suggestion >> Community staff
Have you hesitated selling an item locally on Craigslist or any other Internet website where you might have to meet a buyer in person? The Springfield Police Department may have a way to do that ...more

Century farms are sought again >> Miscellaneous vbryan
COLUMBIA, MO -If your farm has been in your family since Dec. 31, 1916, you can apply to have it recognized as a Missouri Century Farm. To qualify, farms must meet the following guidelines. The ...more

Internet access to remain tax-free >> Government bhart
WASHINGTON - U.S. Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO), a member of the Senate Commerce Committee, released the following statement after the Senate passed legislation he cosponsored to permanently ban state and ...more

MoDot reports highest road fatalities in 3 years >> Community kjackson
As of Dec. 31, 2015, 853 lives were reported lost in Missouri traffic crashes. The statistics represent an 11.4 percent increase in fatalities or over 800 for the first time since 2012, according to ...more

Experience the history and beauty of the Ozarks >> Travel & Leisure mariwinn
The entrance to Smallin Cave in Christian County, Missouri is seen from several hundred yards within. by Mari Winn Taylor Six miles south of Springfield near the town of Ozark is a cave that ...more

Civil War dead are memorialized at Wilson's Creek >> Features mariwinn
Participants in the Wilson's Creek National Battlefield Memorial Illumination stand at attention while the park's flag is lowered. It was August 10, 1861, when 17,000 men, Confederates and Union ...more

Reading the Sweet Oak >> Book Reviews mariwinn
FACINATION WITH A RIVER Recommending a particular book specifically for holiday gift-giving could be a limiting idea given that every day is a good excuse for buying a book. For any excuse and ...more

Lawsuit presses for lake water quality standards >> Environment staff
St. Louis - It has been four years since the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) rejected Missouri's proposed nutrient standards for lakes, and neither the State of Missouri nor US EPA has ...more

High-end grocery store to open in Springfield >> Business staff
Whole Foods and Trader Joe's may have blown their opportunity to be the first such high end market in Springfield after an announcement that The Fresh Market had signed to be one of the tenants in ...more

Missouri veterans' comments wanted >> Health staff
Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) is soliciting comments from veterans regarding their experiences at Missouri VA facilities. "I've always said the best way to ensure our veterans receive the care ...more

Springfield/Greene County meets Ozone standard >> Environment staff
Springfield/Greene County is in compliance with the Ozone standard established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under the Clean Air Act. According to a recent announcement the area is ...more

Program needs digital camera donations >> Kidz Korner staff
The Springfield Symphony is planning a project called Our Town, a project that puts cameras in the hands of area fourth grade students, allowing them to take photos of the Springfield community. The ...more

New way to discover risk for high blood pressure >> Health doshea
Analysis of blood samples from more than 5,000 people suggests that a more sensitive version of a blood test long used to verify heart muscle damage from heart attacks could also identify people on ...more

City of Ozark survey is open to all >> Community staff
The city of Ozark is asking residents to complete a brief survey that will help elected officials and city staff who are working on establishing a 5-year Strategic Plan. They are looking for opinions ...more

ISIS' evil gets thumbs up >> Op-Ed mpolka
“Slow down, I can’t understand you,” the Prince of Darkness uttered, as his nefarious cohort babbled on. ...more

Music fills SLT 2015-16 season >> Calendar of Events staff
LANDERS THEATRE The Springfield Little Theatre, the oldest civic theatre operation of its size in Missouri, and one of the largest in mid-America, has announced its 2015-16 season. For season ...more

Challenges of growing succulents >> Home and Garden mariwinn
Jan Bower (second from left) demonstrates how to propagate succulent plants to some members of the Succulent Society of the Ozarks. Members were able to take home cuttings to create their own ...more

Springfield combats cardiac arrest >> Health staff
What do Bass Pro Shops,The Bodysmith, City Utilities of Springfield, DermaHealth, Paul Mueller Company, Rick’s Automotive, and Title Boxing Club have in common? These are places where if you were ...more

New insight on tweeting >> Op-Ed hastings
Rare earth paradise by Sandy Lyon-- Will we dig up paradise to be able to try to tweet a picture of paradise? To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question of our time. So all those little ...more

Where to find a recycling center in Springfield >> Community mhaase
City-operated Recycling Centers and Yardwaste Recycling Center announce extended spring/summer schedule The city of Springfield's recycling centers and yard waste recycling center will begin their ...more

Have you considered an alternative to your garden? >> Health staff
Do you not have enough room to grow your own garden, or do you know someone in that situation who would still like to have fresh vegetables throughout the spring, summer, and fall......and even into ...more

Got a clunker you want removed? >> Community staff
The Greene County Extension Council in Springfield, Missouri is hoping to generate money for educational programs and office operations thanks to a partnership with AutoWranglers, a national vehicle ...more

Cellphone nos. will be added to No Call List >> Government staff
JEFFERSON CITY – Legislation was signed into law this week by Gov. Jay Nixon that will allow cell phone users to block unwanted telemarketing calls and text messages. Co-sponsored by 154 ...more

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Dorsey Heer and my mom were friends and would meet at a downtown coffee shop frequently. I
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I was amused when I heard some political pundits attribute the support by young people for Bernie
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For those interested in research at Smallin Cove be sure to attend the meeting of the Southwest
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The COS is a great idea. It's the only way We The People" can truly fight the entrenched power
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If you want to learn more about Dr. Kellogg, check out the new book by Brian C. Wilson, "Dr. John
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Illinois, Iowa, Arkansas and Kansas also have many citizens who are also opposing transmission
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Sound Bites
Welcome to Trump County, USA "On the last day of my trip [to West Virginia], a man with a beard creeping high up his cheeks and a 30-case of Busch Light in one hand is on his way out of a convenience store. We talk about presidents. He’s holding the door open now with his foot wedged at the bottom, the cuffs of his pants torn and caked with mud, as people come in and out of the store. I ask him if he likes Trump, if he likes anyone, if he cares. It’s starting to snow. He turns and spits a long stream of black tobacco juice through the air, and then he looks back at me. “Whoever it is,” he says, “if they ain’t a thief now, they will be by the time they in office.” Then he’s gone."

---John Saward (VF Views - Feb. 14, 2016)

More Quotes.

02-23New website for Joplin museuml-onstot
Joplin History & Mineral Museum is proud to announce the launch of its new expanded website. The
02-05Bid proposal: Demolitionstafff
The city of Joplin will accept sealed bid proposals for the demolition of a park building. The
01-04Railroad ties for salestaff
The Joplin Trails Coalition is selling railroad ties from along the Ruby Jack trail. If interested
12-11Win a gift basket!staff
Christmas Gift Basket GIVEAWAY!That's right! You have a chance to WIN a Rockin H Ranch, home
10-06Help wanted: Concessionairestaff
The OC in Ozark has openings for concession customer service associates for our concession stand.
08-17Download GoSpringfieldMOstaff
In case you missed the announcement last spring the city of Springfield launched its first mobile
07-09Missouri road map is informativestaff
To find out what roads may be closed due to flooding go here for the Missouri Depart of
03-22Need windows washed, etc.?staff
Have ladder will clean gutters * install your holiday decorationsHonest and relieable * Call for a
08-20Set up a personalized Social Security accountstaff
As part of its 79th anniversary the Social Security Administration is encouraging everyone planning
07-11Non-profits establish thrift store in Nixastaff
The Common Interest Thrift Store, 741 Center Cir., Nixa (off of Hwy. 14 in the old Gordon's


Musings with Mari
I have this space to rant. Do I take advantage of it? Not often enough. First of all, I have to say, "I'm jealous." Long ago in considering how to be a successful entrepreneur I convinced myself that all it took was to psychologically control consumers. Apparently, I have preferred taking unpopular roads that didn't lead me astray from my beliefs..... Along comes Donald Trump. Trump recently said he loves the poorly educated. Of course, he does. Apparently, they are loving him back in...More

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